Cedar Rapids belongs to the citizens. It’s your city. It’s not just the mayor or city council or the city staff’s city – although these groups care a lot and work every day on your behalf. This city belongs to all of us. And as your mayor, I would keep that thought in front of me every day. This means lots of citizen input and not just at City Hall. I think a mayor’s job is to come to you, to be out in the neighborhoods listening and learning.

Vision for the Future

As your mayor, I will work with the city council to lay out the future vision and plans for Cedar Rapids with ideas that serve all. My decades of experience in city planning together with plenty of citizen input will help ensure a bright vision for our city’s future.

Energy and Experience

I believe that energy, experience and involving others are key to positive leadership in the mayor’s position. I’m a person who works hard, pulls people together and who gets things done. We can’t leave any neighborhood, small business, school or organization behind.

Communication is Key

The City of Cedar Rapids presents an annual State of the City report to citizens. I think that’s great. But, I think citizens deserve more. I will be the kind of mayor who schedules Listening Posts several times a month in neighborhoods throughout the city. Some people take the time to come to City Hall to express their thoughts and ideas. That’s great. City Hall is the people’s hall. But, as I mentioned previously, I think the mayor also ought to go out to the people and I plan to do just that.

Open for Business? You Bet!

A big part of the job of the Mayor of Cedar Rapids is economic development. And, how much is done depends on the energy, experience and style of the mayor. You can count on me as mayor to be passionate about growing our base of jobs for citizens with all types of training and those who will be trained specially for the jobs. And I have the energy and the background to get the job done. I’m excited to help find investments to help grow our existing businesses – small and large. I’m also excited to seek out and talk to those businesses and organizations we’d like to add to our city. Additionally, I want to work with NewBoCo and other incubator organizations who believe – as I do – that we can grow our own new jobs with the ideas and people power we have right here at home.

But Also Open for Citizens

In the process of being open for business, we can’t ignore any corner of any of our city. No neighborhood should be ignored or left behind. This city belongs to the people. As your mayor, I will set a tone for the community that encourages all people to be part of our progress.

Inclusion is Important

Cities are stronger when more people get involved and participate in community life. There are many ways to reach out and encourage all to be part of the life of Cedar Rapids including participation in arts and music festivals and those celebrating various neighborhoods. Another way is to regularly invite all to weigh in on issues of importance by holding meetings to learn more about challenges our community is facing or beginning to face.